An Independently Connected Network of Businesses in Mid Devon

Yellow Mouse Studios Ltd


Services: Animation and motion graphics. Graphic design. Architectural and Product 3D visualisation
Contact: Daniel Willers and Katie-Jane Stewart
Phone: 01363 772126 or 07542 119275

At Yellow Mouse Studios we offer B2B and B2C Animated/Motion graphics information videos, Brand awareness Videos, Information films, Animated Logos. Animated advertising. Logo design, Graphic Design, Architectural and Product 3D visualisation

During a long career spanning over 17 years working within many areas of design such as packaging, Website, Interiors, TV advertising and Film/ TV production. I decided to turn my skills towards the local business market to help them to build online brand awareness, share their marketing and product message and bring entertaining content to their websites and social media. It seemed more appropriate to form a business identity to provide this service within the local market and Yellow Mouse Studios Ltd was born. Although the YMS is a new business venture it has been built on a solid foundation of design knowledge and along with my partner who has a long career dealing in customer services, B2B education and marketing management, we have strong experience to help local businesses to put their message out into the world. We have already started trading with local businesses under the YMS banner.

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