An Independently Connected Network of Businesses in Mid Devon

On this page you can find instructions as to how you can add a Mid Devon Network membership badge to your website or blog. This is intended for paid members. If you are not a member, but still wish to link to the website, you may do so, but please use a version of our logo that does not include the word "member".

Mid Devon Network MemberOption A - Picture and link

This option presumed that you are using a content managed website (i.e. a website where you can login and add or edit content like Wordpress/Joomla)

  1. Select the appropriate picture from those listed below by right clicking on the link (CMD + click on Mac) and selecting "Save link as..."
  2. Log in to your website
  3. Find the page on your website admin that you wish to add the badge on (in Wordpress you may wish to add it as a widget that shows on multiple pages).
  4. Upload the image to your website and insert the image into the page as you would any with any other image.
  5. Add a link on the image to go to: "" or to your business profile page.
  6. Save your changes

Option B - The Code

The second option works well if you understand HTML, or you have a web designer or developer that does! If you do, copy and paste the code below into the source of your website in the appropriate place:

< a href="" target="_blank" >< img alt="We are a member of the Mid Devon Network" src = "" style="width:70px" / >

Note to web developers: You will notice that we have added a few spaces in the code. This is to prevent our own CMS from turning this into a link instead of showing the code.

Need Help?

If you need extra help or need the image in a specific size or format - please contact Dave Burton (