An Independently Connected Network of Businesses in Mid Devon

Mid Devon Network Constitution

1 Name

1.1 The name of the organisation shall be Mid Devon Network.

2 Purpose

2.1 The Network is set up to be a not for profit unincorporated association which offers the opportunity for local business people in Mid Devon to meet, develop contacts, pass on referrals and improve their business practice.

2.2 The Network may raise funds to support local voluntary /community work.

3 Membership

3.1 Members shall include people who operate businesses in the Mid Devon area.

3.2 To join the group we invite businesses to complete a joining form, which sets out their contact details, business name, principal activity, and a brief overview.

3.3 The Chairperson and Secretary will consider each application and grant membership, which is at their discretion.

3.4 In return for membership each member will receive a members badge and web profile on the group’s website.

3.5 If a member fails to attend 6 consecutive meetings their membership will be considered to have lapsed and their details will be removed from the website.

3.6 Members must inform the Secretary 48 hours before a breakfast meeting if they are unable to attend or if they are bringing a guest to the meeting.

4 Structure of Meetings

4.1 Members shall elect a Chairperson, Secretary, and such other officers as are necessary for a six month term of office. This shall be the responsibility of the outgoing Chairperson to raise at a meeting 5 months into their term.

4.2 The Network shall meet every two weeks, alternating venues between Crediton and Tiverton on Wednesday mornings at 7.15am- 8.45am for breakfast or at other times as arranged.

4.3 A simple majority shall be sufficient to decide all questions at meetings and if there is a tie the Chairperson shall have the casting vote.

4.4 In the absence of the Chairperson, the committee shall elect another member to conduct the meeting.

4.5 At least three members must be present at a meeting for a quorum if any decisions are to be made.

5 Not for profit organisation

5.1 Each meeting will accrue a nominal float, which may be used by the group for administrative purchasing (receipt books, ledger, advertising, web hosting costs). The Club Treasurer will be responsible for the cash float, paying the venue and settling costs.

5.2 The meeting will decide how the funds will be spent and whether any surplus should be donated to charity.

6 Annual General Meeting

6.1 Once a year, in the month of June, an Annual General Meeting shall be called by the secretary, to which all interested members shall be invited.

6.2 The Chairperson/Secretary/Treasurer shall report on the previous year’s activities and the accounts. Fees and charges will be reviewed at the AGM.

7 Finance

7.1 The Club Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining records of income and expenditure.

7.2 The Club Treasurer shall be responsible for any funds generated by the Network and any other money received or in their control.

7.3 Members will pay a joining fee of £20 to cover badge and website costs.

7.4 Members will pay £10 for their breakfast which will include a contribution towards the running cost of the Network.

7.5 The Chairperson/Secretary/Treasurer shall not incur any expenditure, which cannot be met from funds under their control.

7.6 Any funds raised by the Network shall be used for the purposes set out in section 2 above. No payments will be made to members except for authorised expenses incurred on behalf of the Network. Receipts should be kept for all expenses.

7.7 The financial year shall be from 1 June to 31 May.

7.8 In the event of the Network ceasing to operate any remaining funds shall be donated to the current charity member organisation and not to the members.

8 Equipment

8.1 The Chairperson/Secretary are responsible for keeping an inventory of all property belonging to the Network.

These rules were originally approved by the members of the Mid Devon Networking Group at a meeting held on 12 May 2010.  

The constitution was amended in July 2013 following changes agreed at a meeting with members on 5th June 2013.