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If you do any trade overseas the Customs Team at Dains might be able to help you. Below is an overview of the areas that we can support you.

Commodity Codes

Importers could save money by reviewing the commodity codes they use for importing goods.  Many importers simply copy the commodity codes used by the exporter, but this is not always correct.

Customs Warehouses

Using a customs warehouse can create both absolute savings and cash flow benefits for businesses.  

VAT and duty (if applicable) are normally payable at the time goods are imported into the UK.  However, if goods are imported into a customs warehouse, tax will only become payable when the goods are removed from the warehouse.  This will aid with cashflow, especially if goods are not fast moving through the warehouse or are being bought in advance for busy periods such as Christmas or “Black Friday”. 

Processing or Repairing Goods

Inward processing relief (IPR) should be used for businesses that import goods into the UK for processing or repair. Under IPR VAT and duties are suspended until the goods are released for sale or re-exported.

Northern Ireland

Simplifications are being introduced to facilitate the movement of goods between GB and Northern Ireland.  However, customs declarations are still required if goods the supplier cannot prove that goods sold from GB will remain in Northern Ireland and duty may be payable if the goods are not of UK origin.  However, waivers can be claimed. 

If goods are being sold from GB to ROI, it could be beneficial to route the goods via NI in order to claim a waiver of duty which would otherwise be payable in ROI.

Understanding the changes and requirements can be a challenge so we are here to help and guide companies through the requirements and ensure that all requirements are met, and any reliefs and benefits are realised. Having this knowledge available to businesses can save considerable time trying to navigate the myriad of information.

Supply Chains

We can provide advice in relation to supply chains in order to make them tax efficient and commercially effective.  This may involve setting up entities overseas in order to avoid VAT pitfalls.   

Customs Agency

Dains operates as a customs agent and can complete all entries for imports, exports, IPR, OPR and warehousing etc.  This includes the declarations needed for NI including claiming waivers.  We also undertake the paperwork for BOD1s required for IPR.

International Network

Dains is part of an international network of advisors which means that we can provide assistance to businesses operating globally.    This can cover compliance services and the provision of advisory services.  We aim to simplify the process of setting up and trading internationally.


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