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Synchrony HR Consulting


Services: HR Consultancy Services
Contact: Heidi Riezzo MD
Phone: 07812920887

At Synchrony HR Consulting, the mission is clear: to help businesses align their organisational objectives and workplace values with employee satisfaction, wellbeing and performance fostering workplace practices that are ethical, equitable and empowering. By collaborating with Synchrony HR Consulting, you can ensure not only the smooth operation of your business but also the creation of a workplace where employees thrive.

With a commitment to best practice and sustainable HRM principles, Synchrony provide timely and appropriate advice, guidance, collaboration, and support to help businesses achieve purposeful and inclusive growth and prosperity, thus setting them apart as a trusted partner for businesses seeking long-term success.

In order to help you prevent HR issues, reduce employee turnover and improve employee satisfaction and performance levels at work, they offer support, which will help you achieve your organisational objectives through your people. Services are tailored at all levels to meet the unique needs of each client.

Working with a HR consultant can be an economic investment for your business saving a lot of time, effort and money on employing 2 or 3 staff to run an in-house  HR team. For example,  think about the salaries for a HR administrator, HR advisor and HR Manager and compare it with a retained package from Synchrony HR Consulting - the financial savings are huge and the benefits even better.

If you do not have an in-house HR department, working with a consultant is a must at the simplest level just for peace of mind, to ensure compliance from a legal perspective and reducing risk.  A consultant is an expert and can be a source of advice and support on an ongoing basis. A consultant has the knowledge and expertise to be able to give you your time back to focus on business development.

Synchrony HR:

  • helps businesses create value from their human resources by developing their employer-employee relationships
  • helps organisations to define and align their culture with the people who work in them, to increase retention and reputation.
  • has a focus on workplace culture being defined by the way people behave and interact as behaviours are much more tangible and action oriented than values.
  • can simplify HR processes, compliance and procedures by using streamlined HRIS software
  • can support your recruitment initiatives and provide an ATS that is simple to use, yet effective in reducing workload and time spent on processing.
  • have a mission to help businesses align their organisational objectives with employee satisfaction and performance, fostering workplace practices that are ethical, equitable and empowering.
  • can offer a range of behaviour profiling and psychometric tools to enable professional development and team building.

Services are accessible through different payment structures. See for more details.

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