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Services: Commercial real estate lending.
Contact: Danny McMurdo
Phone: +44 (0) 7470 805 733

Relendex is a peer-to-peer (P2P) commercial real estate lending platform. Our efficient online exchange connects lenders with professionally vetted, creditworthy borrowers and provides excellent interest rates to both. All funds lent on the Relendex exchange are secured on UK commercial property.

Since the 2008 financial crisis, SME housebuilders, previously so critical to creating the nation’s housing stock, have been left starved of cash by banks having largely pulled out of this market. Meanwhile, the vast majority of UK savers are losing money in savings accounts that pay well below the rate of inflation. In 2013, we established Relendex because we believed we could harness one problem to solve the other.

By opening the advantages of secured property lending to all, Relendex facilitates the financing of property developments and refurbishments throughout the UK.

Our team of experienced underwriters perform an exhaustive vetting process on both loans and borrowers. Security is taken on the property itself, as well as frequently on other assets and by personal guarantees. As a result, Relendex provides cautious savers with the assurances you need to invest in our property loans and to earn interest rates well above the rate of inflation.

At Relendex, we understand that the majority of savers are extremely cautious and for this reason we have designed our new and innovative Secured Portfolio ISA. This automatically diversifies Lender’s money, adding additional protocols to ensure that your investments are safeguarded in all but the most dire market circumstances.

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