An Independently Connected Network of Businesses in Mid Devon

I Can Events


Services: Event and networking services organising and management.Women in business helping other women to achieve their goals.
Contact: Linda Humphries
Phone: 01392 580660 or 07939 322434

MISSION: To deliver opportunities for successful women to provide impact, influence and inspiration to other aspiring women, and the next generation of female entrepreneurs, to follow and reach the goals that they seek, and to help spread the power of optimism, especially in the face of any negativity or adversity.  

how can you help?

Although the monthly ‘I Can’ Events start in May 2019, support is required right now.  People can volunteer their time to help with the events, as mentors, speakers or whatever expertise they wish to offer. Also, the general public can help, by linking through to EasyFundraising, a national charity fundraising service, which allows the donor to raise funds simply by carrying out their own regular online shopping.  Here is the link they will need for this cause:  The Fempower founder says, ‘this is a non-profit organisation and funds and donations will be reinvested to continue to provide these programmes, events and mentorship opportunities.

 Local and national businesses can provide support through various sponsorship options, and benefit from promoting their products and services to this group.  Additionally, businesses can benefit from knowing that their corporate social responsibility is being fulfilled by helping aspiring women, and in turn boosting the local economy.  The Fempower founder says, “the High Street seems to be dying bit by bit, but these events present another opportunity for businesses to directly engage with their target audiences.” Some proceeds will also support local women’s charities like S.A.F.E (Stop Abuse for Everyone).   

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