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Hospiscare Coffee Morning

09/04/2021 - Category: Mid-Devon-Network-

Denise Hook of Hospiscare has made a suggestion as to how we might provide a little support to the Charity when attending the meeting tomorrow. Of course this is entirely voluntary, but Hospiscare will be very grateful for any support received:

‘April is Hospiscare’s Coffee Month, where we are asking people to think outside the box with their fundraising, essentially anything connected to food and drink!

In our MDN meeting, members who wanted to take part could bring their own coffee (with cake or toast if they wanted). Richard Pym (NFU Mutual) has set up a JustGiving page, and to raise money, anyone who chooses to could donate the cost of their normal takeaway latte or similar. It doesn’t sound like much, but if everyone at the meeting donated £2 we would have raised £28, which could raise a huge amount for the campaign if this was taken up in lots of meetings by other supporters.

The JustGiving page link is here

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