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Interactive and Informative- Bow IT's project for the Curzon Cinema restoration

24/01/2011 - Category: Mid-Devon-Network-Member-News

Over the last six months Bow IT Solutions have been working closely with design agencies creating interactive public spaces. Our latest project is the Curzon community cinema in Clevedon, Bristol.

Having recently received a heritage grant to renovate the historical cinema which houses it's own cinematic archive collection the cinema was keen to involve the public in finding out more about the space. Bow IT having consulted with the client and the design agency are today installing Phase One of two interactive IT spaces- " the Future".

" The Future " consists of a 2m x 1m smartetch whiteboard linked to a concealed laptop. Each day the Curzon staff will be able to pose a question for the public....something like "Tell us what you thought of the Kings Speech", these comments can be captured at the end of the day and be intergrated with a live web stream or captured for prosperity and become part of the cinema's archive. The area has a double use and can also be used for presentations or accessed by local learning groups looking at the cinema archive.

Phase Two of the installation ( the touchscreen touchline) developed in house by Bow IT is scheduled for installation mid February 2011.

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