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Creative Logic Support Ltd

Services: Management Consulting. Business Change Enabler
Contact: Lucy Penn
Phone: 07745 911445

Business change enabler who combines strong people and project management skills with my inherent talent and passion for bringing clarity to complexity or ambiguity in a way that inspires people and effects change.

I lead organisations from strategic intent to tactical clarity and direction thus enabling change delivery and success.  With extensive experience from SMEs to large corporations my ability to assimilate information quickly means I can readily work in new sectors designing fit-for-purpose solutions to strategic and tactical business objectives. 

In short, I simplify and clarify in a way that ensures efficient and effective sustainable change or delivery with creative logical solutions that is a cultural fit for organisations and that people are a part of.

If you want to know more about how I might be able to help you I’d be delighted to hear about your organisation and reflect back some ideas – no obligation and sometimes this is all it takes!

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