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Victoria James Property Ltd


Services: Online estate agency for residential sales, offering the full high street services but at a lower fee
Contact: Victoria Martin
Phone: 01395 275556. or 07843 253271


Victoria James is an online estate agency offering the full high street service.  We are "The best of both"! It's simple, as we are online and not on the high street, we have lower overheads and therefore can charge lower fees.


From our own experience of selling and buying we quickly realised there was a gap in the market for an agent to offer great customer service; an agent who will contact you with regular updates; an agent that is proactive and ready to help with any queries, and always offering professional advice- such as how to present your home, negotiations, understanding the legals and explaining the terminology and knowing the expectant timescales. 


Every home is special, so every property has a high quality, professionally printed brochure. Victoria James provides a one-to-one, tailor made service for sellers and buyers alike, allowing time to understand your needs and requirements. We don’t do a quick 10 minute viewing, we allow plenty of time for buyers to get to know your home. Giving them an opportunity to know as much about the property and its location through conversation, as well as property details.

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