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Albert Goodman Insolvency and Corporate Recovery Division


Services: Insolvency Practitioners
Contact: Laurence Russell or Ruth Bethel
Phone: 01823 286096 or 07966 259008

The Albert Goodman Insolvency and Corporate Recovery division works independently from the main body of the firm, which many people will know of as a major Somerset accountancy practice.

We work with, rather than in competition with, other accountants to advise and assist their clients.

You could liken us to a medical consultant, getting referrals from GPs!

Because of legal and ethical rules, we cannot advise our own accounting clients; which is why other accountants are happy to refer clients experiencing financial difficulties to us to meet, advise and assist, in whichever way benefits the clients.  We also are happy to accept referrals and questions on behalf of clients from lawyers, business consultants and book keepers; as well as direct approaches from business owners.

We willingly meet with people concerned for their financial well being without any obligation. We will listen, review the financial circumstances of a business or individual and suggest the way forward. Quite often the situation is not as bad as people fear.

So if you have concerns for yourself or a client – don’t be an ostrich!  Talk with us sooner rather than later, when we have the opportunity to deliver a positive outcome. 

Our team is headed up by an experienced fully qualified and licenced Insolvency Practitioner – and we are friendly and non judgemental.

Our Address:
Goodwood House,
Blackbrook Park Avenue

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